Cruise 4 kids 1706 3rd Ave North  Great Falls, MT

Cruise 4 Kids,

1706 3rd Ave North

Great Falls, MT  59401

Building dreams. Bringing people together for a healthier community Raising funds, to donate bikes to kids Cruise4Kids Become a donor today ABOUT CRUISE 4 KIDS


Cruise 4 Kids is an organization that was formed to be a part of a culture of wellness by sponsoring a noncompetitive yearly adult charity bike ride. Funding raised through our generous community support and the pledges raised from our ride participants will be used to inspire a generation of youth to be active by providing bikes for 3rd grade students in Great Falls.

We are an non-profit organization working hard to raise money to buy every third grader in Great Falls, Montana a new bicycle!  Our organization came about by the enthusiasm of teachers, parents, athletes and professionals in our community.  Hopefully, working together, we can continue to promote a healthier lifestyle in our wonderful town!  With your help, you too can make this vision a reality!

Michelle Peterson


Michelle is currently President Elect for the Montana Health Physical Recreation and Dance non-profit that strives to enhance the health and wellness of Montana teachers and students. She is also a coach for the Montana Elite Volleyball Club and is a Nationally recognized trainer with Golds gym. Michelle loves running, biking, and officiating college volleyball for the NAIA. Masters in Injury Prevention.



To encourage people of all ages and fitness levels to ride in an event that is noncompetitive and not timed. Our hope is to see teams from all walks of life riding in this charity event.



To encourage Great Falls children to be more active. Our funds will primarily be used to buy bikes for 3rd grade students in Great Falls. We chose this age group, because this is when children’s size necessitates a transition from their small children’s-sized bikes to larger, more sophisticated bikes.


To be part of a culture of wellness in Great Falls, Montana. Our fundraising efforts are focused on developing an entire community that supports health and wellness.

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